Q. This is a commercial project, so why donations are needed?

A. Currently, this is not a commercial project, but rather an investigative one. Though in the future, it may become commercial.

It will take a lot of effort to get really good maps. By quality, I understand not only greater similarity with Earth maps, but also obtaining maps that would display a relief completely unlike the Earth, and yet would be interesting for creators of fantastic worlds.

Q. Who might be interested in the maps produced?

A. First, companies and people operating in the game industry may be interested in them. Secondly, companies that produce professional GIS and various means for working with digital maps may be interested. Speaking figuratively, this project is trying to open the door to the game industry for cartography and cartographers. And, finally, there is a strong suspicion that the maps will be of interest to designers and just people who want to have “their own planets”.

At the moment, the project is completely independent and needs support. Below are several options for donations.

I want to help in creating new worlds ($5):
I very much want to help create new worlds ($50):
I want to help open the door to the game industry for cartography ($5000):

The last option gives the right to be named as Official Supporter of Forged Maps Project and the logo and name of the company will be posted on this site.