Planet Models Updated

Planet models updated. They display global biomes now and can display data from the GeoJSON structure. The model builder tool has also been replaced with a new one. I called it GeoJSONPlanet and made it open source on GitHub under MIT license.

There is only the initial version now, but it does everything that is required for this site’s models. I do not plan to further develop GeoJSONPlanet myself. But if anyone will become interested in that, here is a list of possible improvements, which seems to me may be useful.

  • Abstraction of the code which creates the planet sphere and draws GeoJSON features from the camera, scene, and other things of ThreeJS.
  • Replacement of spheres for Point-based features with narrow discs.
  • Reduction in the number of individual ThreeJS geometries by combining them.
  • Creating simple animations like blinking.
  • XML or CSS styles (if possible) for Material properties.

Also, two tutorials have been added: The Equirectangular Projection Map With Biomes and
Creating A Planet Model With GeoJSONPlanet