What’s new in ver. 0.2?

The new version of the project used for new free planet maps generation (1, 2, 3).

New cartographic features:

  • Lakes borders are correct now
  • All polygonal features are now multipolygons
  • Result map data consists of ESRI shapefiles, geotiff tiles, and png tiles
  • Almost all features are valid (conform to OGC SFSQL standard). Validity is marked by valid boolean field in a shapefile
  • Lake and landmass features in a shapefile have area field (in square meters)
  • Rivers in a shapefile have mouth flood field (relative integer value; 1 is a minimal flood). Also rivers have contstatus field which denote the feature type that a river flows into (-3 denotes the ocean, -2 denotes a lake, 0 denotes a river). The structure of shapefiles are not final and can be changed in the future
  • All geographic features in shapefiles and in raster data are in EPSG:900913 projection (Web Mercator or Google Web Mercator)
  • New map style

New relief features:

  • Better way to ensure the ocean area on the poles and on the date line