Cartography for fictional worlds

Here is a place where you can see huge procedurally generated worlds with correct spherical geometry. These worlds have the following features:

  • the flexible configuration of world generation parameters
  • custom outlines of the continents
  • the full-fledged river system with z-coordinate, and highland lakes
  • biomes with the placement dependent on longitude, latitude, and altitude
  • the gradual transition of biomes is achieved by the mutual penetration of their parts (yin-yang boundary)
  • technology of noise generation (fBm) on a triangular domain
  • vector data which define the relief features (continent and lake boundaries, biome boundaries, rivers, height contours, tiles and sectors, etc.);
  • data are instantly suited for existing Geographic Information System (GIS) software;

Sample planets

Owl. This planet is maximally similar to Earth (how this is possible at the present time).

Devil of the Rings (dotr). Specifically defined crater-like form of continents. The biomes are determined solely by altitude.

NFT Collection: Forged Universe (Spooky Worlds)

Worlds are available as NFT tokens on; these tokens have links to detailed planet maps in their unlockable content. Mini-samples of the latest tokens are below

See the site’s dedicated page for the complete list of mini-samples or browse tokens directly in the collection.

For more info see Creation blog.

Change Log is the info about project updates.

List of all planets can be found here.