Devil of the Rings

The small planet model.

The big planet model is also available.

Created with project version 0.13.

This planet configuration.


This planet has nine identical tokens (named as Nibiru planet). The unlockable maps have wider rivers.

Resolution signature: (7,8).


By downloading and using this planet data you agree with terms of the lisence.

  • PNG tiles for zooms 1-8 (without titles): tiles
  • Geotiffs tiles for zoom 5 (color): geotiffs5-cl
  • Geotiffs tiles for zoom 8 (color): geotiffs8-cl
  • Geotiffs tiles for zoom 5 (hillshading): geotiffs5-hs
  • Geotiffs tiles for zoom 8 (hillshading): geotiffs8-hs
  • ESRI shapefiles for lands and lakes: shapes
  • ESRI shapefiles for sectors: sectors
  • ESRI shapefiles for height contours: contours

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