The small planet model.

The big planet model is also available.

Created with project version 0.18.

This planet configuration.

There are eight distinct biomes observed on the planet, with two possible altitude sequences.


shadow earth

Currently it is not in NFT collection. This will happen a little later.

The planet type is similar to Earth.

Resolution signature: (8,7). 

This planet has nine tokens with different biomes disposition. Unlockable content: a link to the package with

  • detailed hillshading map with biomes (8192×4096)
  • detailed heights color map (8192×4096)
  • height contours map (8192×4096)
  • stereographic map (north) (2048×2048)
  • stereographic map (south) (2048×2048)
  • video of the rotating planet


By downloading and using this planet data you agree with terms of the lisence.

  • PNG tiles of zooms 1-8 (without titles): terrain tiles
  • Geotiff tiles of zoom 6 (hillshading): geotiffs6
  • ESRI shapefiles of lands, lakes, and biomes: shapes
  • ESRI shapefiles of sectors: sectors
  • ESRI shapefiles of height contours: contours

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