Change Log: 0.8

  • Height contours in the contours shapefile. For the example planets, the contours were made at intervals of 200 and 250 meters; mlevel parameter specifies the height of a contour. For the present, contours are without smoothing.
  • The hlevel parameter value of the lakes is rounded down.

The Nishke II and Shkay II planets were updated.

The height contours are obtained without the use of Digital elevation model data (DEM), therefore they have their own distinctive properties.

The granularity of the contour data does not depend so much on position of the points. In the case of a traditional approach of getting contours from DEMs, their resolution vary significantly on the latitude. In the project, dependence on latitude and, possibly, on longitude is due to the method of cones to sphere mapping, but this dependence is not as great as in the former case.

The resolution of the contours is not limited by the generally accepted DEM formats, but only by the computational resolution of the planet, that is, by the parameters gn and ln.

If GeoTiffs are not required, but only height contours, then there is no need to produce a resource consuming DEMs generation operation.