Sample planets

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In parentheses there is the version of the project with which a planet was created.

Planet characterization notation

<base mesh method>.<gn>.<ln>.<Hg>.<Hl>.[<cell-size>]

<base mesh method> — method of base mesh generation
<gn> — base mesh size
<ln> — local mesh size
<Hg> — fractal dimention parameter for base mesh (actually it is 0.Hg)
<Hl> — fractal dimention parameter for local mesh (actually it is 0.Hl)
<sell-size> — determines the maximum size of continents (this parameter is absent in the characterization notation of old planets)

Sectors characterization notation

avg_vp_area/avg_sector_areaavg_vp_area is average size of base poligons, avg_sector_area is average size of result sectors. Usually we use a square kilometer (km^2) as the area measure.