For a while I am not going to do completely new features for the project’s planets, but I will focus on solving current problems. After that I will make some small additions; they are listed below.

  • Possible landmasses on the antimeridian.
  • A public tool for defining spherical coordinates of alphabetic inscriptions that can be used to form resemblant outlines of the continents.
  • Special features on maps (craters, mountain ranges, etc).

In the long run I want to do the following.

  • Bring the resolution of the relief regular lattice to 0.6 meter from the current 305.4 meters (at the equator). The maximum achievable resolution allowed by the current project implementation is 0.005 meter.
  • Different projections of the built relief from the cones to the sphere.
  • Option to replace two cones with regular polyhedrons.
  • Various map styles.
  • Tools for visualizing of 3d planet landscapes.
  • Underwater relief.
  • Cartography of the Non-Earth planet types.
  • Online planet generation service with a user interface and hand controlled planet parameters.

Also, after the most problematic issues of the maps creation are resolved, I want to start developing the massive multiplayer online strategy game with really huge spherical worlds.