Change Log: 0.5

The changes mainly relate to the generation of the relief.

  • The way of local relief generation in rhombuses is changed. This significantly reduces the likelihood of undesirable crevices and ridges.
  • Vertical relief scaling; relief features are of different size depending on the height of the terrain. The parameters of the fractal are still constant everywhere.
  • Eartherization process now done separately for each landmass, and not for the whole planet. (Eartherization is making the statistical distribution of planet heights close to that on Earth)
  • The maximum height on each landmass is defined by the function of the landmass size. Currently it is the square root of the landmass size.
  • New color map style.
  • Fixed bug with rivers because of which strange lakes near the rivers were made.
  • Fixed bug in sea coastline making which manifested itself in cutting off coasts.