Change Log: 0.6.1

  • Rivers get some random variance in their width along the stream.
  • riversz shapefile also gets the trunk field which contains the id of the trunk river in which this river flows into. The special value -3 denotes that this river flows into the ocean. Currently, rivers in riversz shapefile do not take into account lakes.
  • PNG tiles and shapefiles of Admete planet was updated respectively.

In the next 2-3 posts I will describe the process of river constructing. And for a while the river system will remain as it is. At the beginning of the new year I will try to make the planet continents look more like Earth continents with intermittent mountainous and flat areas, and not with one or two central mountains as it is now. The resolution of the planets will still be small (as it is now), it will be increased only after all the significant problems will be solved.