Cartography for fictional worlds

The project’s goal is the procedural generation of really huge spherical planets with following features:

  • full-fledged river systems, highland lakes, and custom outlines of the continents;
  • biomes with a placement dependent on longitude;
  • the gradual transition of biomes is achieved by the mutual penetration of their parts (yin-yang boundary);
  • various vector data defining the relief features (continents and lakes boundaries, riverbeds, biomes boundaries, height contours, tiles and sectors, etc);
  • full size planets with correct spherical geometry of the relief features;
  • the procedural generated planets are data instantly suited for existing Geographic Information System (GIS) software;

Sample planets

Pandemic. This planet has letter-shaped contents and planetary wide biomes.

Devil of the Rings (dotr). Specifically defined crater-like form of continents. The biomes are determined solely by altitude.

For more info see my blog.

List of all sample planets can be found here.